User FAQ Contents

Broadcaster Setup & Tips

  1. Setup a Network Page for Broadcasting
  2. How to Embed and Share a Radio or Live Channel
  3. How to Make the Embed Players Responsive
  4. Embed Video Code
  5. How to Monetize Pay Per View Events and VODs
  6. Streaming Tips
  7. Using a Variable Bitrate Stream
  8. Streaming on Desktop Versus Laptop
  9. Setup Your Domain with Google Apps
  10. Required Ports for Broadcasting
  11. Manually Open Ports in Windows Firewall
  12. Add Windows Firewall Exception
  13. Manage Facebook Comments as a Developer
  14. Emulate Audio from Your PC on a Live Stream


Broadcasting Explained

  1. Encoding Video Formats
  2. Video Streaming Requirements
  3. Supported Video and Audio Codecs
  4. Required Storage Space
  5. Connect Your Video Source
  6. What Type of Traffic is Included in Used Bandwidth?
  7. Play Priority on Channels
  8. Supported Video Formats on Roku
  9. Submitting a Roku App
  10. Roku FAQ


Broadcasting Issues

  1. Corrupted Autorecordings
  2. Autorecording Issue When Streaming with FMLE
  3. Sound Issues on Autorecorded Videos
  4. Trouble Streaming Through Blackmagic Card
  5. AdSense Banners Not Displayed on Channel Page
  6. Edit Comments on Channel Page
  7. How to Get PayPal API Credentials
  8. Detect PC Configuration


Radio Issues

  1. There is No Signal on My Radio
  2. How Do I Create New Music Genres?
  3. My Radio Was Unpublished



Basic Viewing Tips

  1. Viewing Tips for Streaming Platform Content
  2. Internet Bandwidth Requirements
  3. Playback Minimum Requirements
  4. HTML5 Supported Environments
  5. Mobile Devices FAQ
  6. Access Content Attached to Premium Channels
  7. Can I Have Multiple Channel Subscriptions?
  8. How to Clear Cookies and Cache
  9. Server Connection Flow
  10. How to Install Flash Player on Android Devices
  11. Why is There a Denied Sign on Some Fields?
  12. Display Aspect Ratio
  13. How Do Ratings Work?
  14. Facebook Comments
  15. Flash Depreciated from Google Chrome


Viewing Issues

  1. Disconnected Error Message in Channel Player
  2. I am Informed that Viewers Limit Exceeded
  3. Views v. Viewers
  4. Facebook is Not Showing the Correct Channel Details
  5. Facebook Sharing Restrictions
  6. Display Issues in Internet Explorer
  7. Playback Troubleshoot on Kindle Fire Tablets
  8. Why is My Subscription Pending Authorization?
  9. How to Use WinMTR to Test Against Our Network