All active Military, Veterans and their families qualify for a special promotional offer!

TikiLIVE CORE is proud to support Active Military Members, Veterans, Retirees and their families with special pricing and promotions. Please login first on TikiLIVE CORE to continue with the Military Status confirmation.
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If you experience any issues with the verification process, please reach out to directly at or via phone at (866) 775-4363.

We salute to our Service men and women

TikiLIVE CORE would like to thank our Armed Forces for their service and sacrifice. We offer a free trial and special pricing for those who serve our US Military.

TikiLIVE CORE is offering any U.S. active duty military, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman a complimentary month of Premium TV services for all military personnel and their direct dependents. Service members and their direct dependents must have a valid active account in order to participate.

Frequently asked questions began as an effort to help military members form a trusted online community marketplace. allows you to manage and store all of your digital ID cards so that you can easily prove your identity online via a single login. allows TikiLIVE CORE to verify active service members, veterans, and civilians in the Department of Defense and their families so we can extend special discounts on our services to them. allows you to be eligiable to unlock special access to benefits and discounts at's network of partners, while having total control and safety over your online identity. is a free service for users who qualify.
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Yes, TikiLIVE CORE's discounted service extends to dependents for qualifieid accounts.
Yes, TikiLIVE CORE's discounted service extends to dependents for qualified accounts.
At TikiLIVE CORE we are proud to offer discounts to:
- Active service men and women
- Veterans
- Civilians in the Department of Defense
- National Guardsmen
- Retirees of any of the above
- Dependents of any of the above